Featured Project

H2EMP - Packaging Design & Branding

Design for a new range of 7 water based drink products, all infused with the superfood Hemp, available in still or sparkling and in a range of flavours.

The client had already chosen the brand name, so the first task was to evolve and develop the existing branding to work on the chosen bottle shape, and then come up with a range of refreshing looking drinks, that showed the infusion of both the drink flavour and hemp with the water. Despite the negative connotations that can be associated with it hemp is one of the oldest and yet seemingly most misunderstood superfoods on the planet.

Alongside the design, development and final artwork of the bottle packaging, a range of launch materials was also produced - posters, flyers, banners, fridge, merchandising and exhibition graphics, as well as the relevant corporate materials, literature and graphics for the fleet company vehicles - cars and vans.